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The Industry

The carpet cleaning industry is huge! It generated $5.24 Billion in revenue in 2018 and is projected to grow to $5.4 billion in 2019. Revenues have been climbing at roughly 3% annually for the past five years and healthy growth is projected for the foreseeable future. Carpet continues to be a popular choice among consumers, representing 51% of all flooring installed, and with an average life of 22 years, it needs a lot of cleaning.

Most of the remaining 49% of flooring installed is comprised of tile and wood, both of which we clean. The cleaning industry numbers on those surfaces aren’t tracked as well, but at just about half the installed flooring in the country, you can be sure it’s large.

Despite its size, the carpet cleaning industry is highly fragmented. Over 85% of the market is covered by independent cleaners, and almost 80% of all cleaners have four employees or less. The largest company in the industry has only 4% of the total market. There is NO dominant company…yet.

The Problem

Despite the obvious need for quality cleaning services, the market is not well served. There is extensive customer dissatisfaction and many seem to view professional cleaning as a “necessary evil.” This is driven by the industry’s traditional competitive dynamics. Over time there has been a race to the bottom as just about every company competes on price. Open up your monthly mailer coupon books, check out newspaper ads or go online. You’ll find one company offering “Three Rooms for $99,” another with “Three Rooms for $89,” and so on, with just about every provider advertising discounts and giveaways.

When companies begin at an unprofitable price point, three issues arise. First, the company will cut corners to save time and will jam as many jobs into a day as they can. Their operational model becomes focused on how fast they can get in and out of a customer’s home, not on cleaning quality. Second, their technicians are expected to upsell aggressively once they’re in the home. Thus, the $89 special becomes a $175 appointment because of up-charging for spots and/or selling services the customer didn’t really need. Of course, the team still has to maintain its packed schedule, so the work is rushed and poorly executed. Finally, the low margins contribute to a downward spiral. Companies can’t afford to pay their technicians enough to attract top performers, driving service quality down even more.

In this world, the customer experience is awful. They get pressured by technicians, feel heartburn over the upselling, and their cleaning expectations aren’t met. Not surprisingly, customers have had little brand loyalty, with 55% switching to a new company each year as they search for a good solution.

The Solution

In a market that competes on price and focuses on speed, Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning offers a completely different operational model. We deliver our services at a level that goes far beyond what others provide, and wrap it all in a white glove experience. The initial customer calls are handled by an expert able to fully explain every aspect of the process as well as gather the information necessary to give a dependable quote. The technicians are thoroughly trained and industry certified and treat all customers and their homes with immense respect. The service itself is noticeably better and more thorough than the competition with the goal of elevating everything cleaned to its best possible condition. After the cleaning, we follow up to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the results and the experience. Throughout, we pay attention to all the details that elevate customer perception from good to great.

As part of this operational model, Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning NEVER competes on price. Given our level of service, we charge a premium price, and ensure that, even though they spent more money, the customer feels like they’ve gotten far better value and a great overall experience. This is embodied by our mission to “build the most respected brand in the industry, one customer at a time.” Charging higher prices allows Advanced Degree to hire better employees, spend more on their training and continue to elevate our performance.

This model works. It has propelled incredible growth in our home market, while competing against the biggest franchise brands and dozens of independents, and has built a strong, loyal customer base. Advanced Degree Carpet Cleaning offers a franchise owner the opportunity to earn higher revenues across fewer jobs with higher margins than typical industry participants. In addition, franchise owners will be able feel great about the service they provide and will contribute to building the most respected brand in the industry.

Multiple Revenue Streams for Consistent Business-Building Opportunities.

You'll be able to offer super-premium cleaning services to many different customer types, both residential and commercial. Commercial customers include hotels, restaurants, clubhouses, retail establishments, medical practices and more. The range of services you can offer covers just about anything your customers walk or sit on, including:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile floor cleaning: ceramic, natural stone and linoleum
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Emergency water extraction
  • Boat, RV and car interior cleaning, a niche market to add to our list of specialties
  • Wood floor cleaning (may be added after core skills are mastered)

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